End Forming Capabilities

One-Way Manufacturing Inc. has multiple tube end forming technologies available to form a variety of tube end configurations. We also perform external swaging or ‘staking’ of sleeve fittings, internal expander swaging, crimping of fittings to flexible hoses, crimping of flexible hoses to tubes, and beading of tube ends. Using rigorous quality assurance standards, we only use top-notch aerospace-machined fittings and precise assembly and end forming processes to provide you with ready-to-install assemblies for your applications.

Flaring per AS4330 and MS33584:

Size Range = ¼” to 6.0” O.D.

Beading per AS5131 and MS33660:

Size Range = ¼” to 6.0” O.D.

Tube Expanding/Reducing:

Size Range = ¼” to 1.5” O.D.

Parker Parflange:

Size Range = ¼” to 1.5” O.D.

Internal Expander Swaging (Sierracin/Harrison):

Size Range = ¼” to 1.50” O.D.

Flareless Tube Connection (Preset) per AS33514 and NAS1095:

Size Range = 1/8” to 2.0” O.D.

Radial Die Crimping:

Size Range = ¼” to 1.0” O.D.

Internal Roller Swaging:

Size Range = ¼” to 1.25” O.D.